Welcome to Write the World

That you are able to read my words in this format means I’ve come, albeit kicking and screaming, into the 21st century. This website is my professional showcase of my short fiction and a few of the feature stories I’ve been fortunate to be paid to write. The feature articles I’ve culled from several thousands published since I — and the rest of the world — have been able to warehouse them on computer or link to the archives of the Houston Chronicle, where I was a staff reporter 1999-2009, and freelance markets, including the Houston Chronicle’s Niche Publications and Houston Community Newspapers.

Stories from the 1970s-1990s written as a staff reporter and-or editor for the U.S. Navy, HCN and History News Magazine (for the American Association for State and Local History) are destined to remain only on yellowing pages in overstuffed dresser drawers and closet cubbyholes.   There they will remain until I die or experience an uncharacteristic urge to spring clean, whichever comes first.

My short stories represent the first of what I hope will lead to a new career as a writer of fiction.

I appreciate feedback from anyone who will take the time to read and comment on my work.  For anyone who wishes to read samples of my work, particularly editors at publications still hiring freelance writers, this should suffice. If it doesn’t, please ask. I have more.

Happy reading.


About betmartin

Kicked out of Texas's best universities, I was Houston's worst sales girl, bar maid and waitress. In the mid-1970s, the U.S. Navy didn't know what to do with me, either, and they sent me to journalism school. I've been writing ever since, for community news, a museum exhibit company, a magazine for history professionals and until recently, shortly after my 60th birthday, for the Houston Chronicle before being caught in the massive layoffs. Blogging is an entirely new venture, but I think I'm going to like it. (The guy that convinced me to do this said it will help me get a new job, but if I do it right, I'm damned if I see how). I'd like to know what any passing reader thinks about my efforts to fill up these pages.
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2 Responses to Welcome to Write the World

  1. Well I definitely liked reading it. This article provided by you is very effective for correct planning.

  2. Betty, I’ve always regarded you as a wonderful writer and kind human being. Your writing conveys a strong, developed voice. You also command the demands of fair and thorough journalism. I am glad you have this space here and I hope you do some of that uncharacteristic spring cleaning for the enjoyment of those who love to read you.

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