Once upon a time, I was a Texas gal who yearned to write.  I wrote first for my own entertainment while scribbling on Big Chief notepads and folding over its blue-lined pages to make “books” I would write and produce on a daily basis.  When I grew a little older, I expanded my readership from one to dozens, marking up paper on typewriters in order to right the world.  I expanded again as a freelance writer via my computer.  Along the way, I logged more than 30 years as a reporter for newspapers, magazines and documentary scripts pieced together, toiling under the whims, dictates and sometimes brilliance of various editors — or being an editor myself.  It left me undaunted in my zeal to arrange words to best tell the stories of interest and to shine a public light on people, places, businesses and organizations, especially those making a positive difference in the lives of others.  After writing news and feature articles in Japan, Hawaii, Italy and Nashville, I came back to my Houston hometown in the mid-1990s to continue painting pictures with words about different people, cultures and ideas as a staff journalist, then as of March 2009, as a freelance writer.

I’m still at it, researching subjects and interviewing people to pump out news and features on demand.  If not quite as nauseatingly happy in my ever-after as fairy tale princesses, I’m completely delighted in my own domain and the never-ending opportunity and distinct honor to give people a peek behind the scenery as a way to earn my daily bread.

And along with that, whenever it may be possible, to help right the world a little more by writing about it.


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  1. essvass says:

    Betty, in 2007 you wrote an article about my life, my son and dZi beads in Houston Chronicle describing me as a Dostoevsky heroine. I’ve written my own story about my son and our life with cancer. I would like to talk to you. My email is: svass2011@yahoo.com. I admire you Writing the World. Thank you. Svetlana

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