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Kicked out of Texas's best universities, I was Houston's worst sales girl, bar maid and waitress. In the mid-1970s, the U.S. Navy didn't know what to do with me, either, and they sent me to journalism school. I've been writing ever since, for community news, a museum exhibit company, a magazine for history professionals and until recently, shortly after my 60th birthday, for the Houston Chronicle before being caught in the massive layoffs. Blogging is an entirely new venture, but I think I'm going to like it. (The guy that convinced me to do this said it will help me get a new job, but if I do it right, I'm damned if I see how). I'd like to know what any passing reader thinks about my efforts to fill up these pages.

Adrian Garcia for US Congress? Former Sheriff says YES!

Since his unsuccessful November run for mayor of Houston, Adrian Garcia hasn’t wasted any time bemoaning his loss or resting on his laurels as a former city councilman or Harris County sheriff during his current bid to run for the … Continue reading

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The Red Satin Box

Things got spiritually rocky after I defied a parochial girls’ school dress code to force attention to church hypocrisies after receiving less-than-satisfactory answers to questions about God and Biblical penalties. The Red Satin Box by BETTY L. MARTIN Glancing neither … Continue reading

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The Dumpster King

Daniel Winters was the most vulgar man I was unfortunate enough to meet.  That he was a homeless veteran made it that much harder for me to simply ignore his barbs. The Dumpster King by BETTY L. MARTIN Daniel Winters … Continue reading

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Praying for High Stakes: A Funeral in East Texas

The traditions of the East Texas funeral are in full force at Harvey Lee’s final farewell. Praying for High Stakes: A Funeral in East Texas by BETTY L. MARTIN Individually, in pairs, filling cars, trucks and caravans, the mourners descended … Continue reading

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Swimming with the Tide

Fledgling steps of integration in the 1960s weren’t easy — not for minorities, not for bigots and not for those on the fence who could never retract their do-nothing stance. Swimming with the Tide by BETTY L. MARTIN “Do you … Continue reading

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Rhinestones and the Pursuit of Happiness

My life alters completely after deciding on the hottest day of July 1969 to stop at the first place that serves anything with ice. Rhinestones and the Pursuit of Happiness by BETTY L. MARTIN On one of Houston’s hottest days … Continue reading

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Welcome to Write the World

That you are able to read my words in this format means I’ve come, albeit kicking and screaming, into the 21st century. This website is my professional showcase of my short fiction and a few of the feature stories I’ve … Continue reading

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